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Advantages and Disadvantages of Screen Printing

Screen printing is a process for printing on garments using a stencil made of woven mesh. This process creates vibrant, saturated colors by pushing ink through a stencil. Each color used in a design is printed on a separate screen. This process is great for large-scale custom printing runs. It also requires less artwork and can create designs with multiple colors.

The disadvantages of screen printing include the fact that screen prints cannot be as precise as DTG printing. Some colors may bleed or run because of uneven application. Moreover, screen printing is not as long-lasting as DTG printing. The downside to screen printing is that it requires a larger minimum order. Nevertheless, the advantages outweigh the drawbacks, and the process of screen printing is a popular choice for many businesses.

Screen printing is more affordable for larger production runs. It requires fewer stencils and works better on light-colored fabrics. The setup costs for screen printing are high, but the cost per shirt decreases significantly as the quantity of shirts increases. Screen printing also produces a more vibrant, saturated color than DTG. However, DTG requires a larger number of stencils, which can be expensive if you are printing only a few shirts.

Another disadvantage of screen printing is that the process takes a longer time. It is estimated that the time for completing a single design is three times longer than for digital printing. This is because a screen printer has to wait for a job to start. In addition, it can only produce 6-12 pieces per hour. The downside to screen printing is that it is more expensive than DTG printing.

Screen printing is not the best choice for multi-color designs. Using multiple colors requires multiple screens, which adds to overhead costs. It can also be difficult for complicated designs. Using a DTG printer, however, allows for full-color images to be produced in just a few minutes. In addition, DTG is an economical choice for bulk printing.

Screen printing is often not the best choice for small orders as the set-up costs can be high. Digital printing, on the other hand, does not require a minimum order and does not require any setup costs. Digital printing does not have an origination fee and is more affordable if you need to produce large numbers.

Screen printing is also expensive and time consuming. However, it is the best option if you need a high number of identical designs. Screen printing can produce vibrant, vivid prints. It is also a great choice for business uniforms, sports teams, and retail fashion. If you can afford to print many shirts at a time, screen printing is an excellent choice.

Screen printing was a revolutionary technology in the 1980s. But it does have its limitations. Aside from the expensive set-up and bulky feel, screen printing takes a long time to complete and does not lend itself to intricate detail. For more details on screen printing visit a reliable print shop near you.