How Printed Marketing Materials Influence Consumer Behavior

Printed marketing materials are one of the most effective ways to market your business. Printed marketing materials include posters, leaflets and general advertising material that can be distributed to your audience in physical form. These are a great way to raise brand awareness, especially when they are created with a creative design and eye-catching colors that will grab the attention of your audience and encourage them to visit your store or website.

A recent study by Scientific American found that participants spent more time with a physical ad than a digital ad. It also found that the brain needed 21% less cognitive resources to process information on a print material than with a digital one. Another study by the Center for Neural Decision Making at Temple University found that paper advertisements activate the brain part associated with reinforcement and reward. These studies show that the human brain is wired for physical media, so the power of a well-designed print ad should never be underestimated.

While the internet and social media are great ways to reach your target audience, it’s not a good idea to redirect all of your advertising budget to digital marketing campaigns. In fact, combining your online marketing strategy with print marketing campaigns is an extremely savvy move and can help you generate more sales than you could have imagined possible.

One of the most important things to consider with your printed marketing materials is that they should always be a representation of your brand. Using the right design, text and coloring in your marketing materials will help you to communicate your company’s values, culture and vision to your audience and establish a level of trust that is often difficult to achieve online.

Another thing to remember when creating your printed marketing materials is that they should be high-quality and durable. Using thick card stock and a high-quality printer will ensure that your marketing materials can stand the test of time. This is important as it will allow you to distribute your marketing materials to customers at trade shows, in hotels or on flights. This will allow your audience to build up a sense of familiarity with your business that will lead to them becoming customers.

Using a reputable printing service such as Affordable-Printing will help you to create sturdy marketing materials that are sure to make a big impact. You can even choose to use coated or uncoated stocks that will add a level of shine to your marketing materials that isn’t available with regular paper and will make your messages really stand out. You can also choose to use matte, glossy or silky finishes for your prints depending on the look and feel you are going for. With Affordable-Printing, you can even create a range of different size printed marketing materials including brochures and pamphlets that are perfect for handing out or sending through the mail. The possibilities are endless!